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I’m an Amser, I’m dynamic!

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 08/04/2012 | 6007 reads

Hanoi – Amsterdam High School – The threshold that changed my life!

Dating back to the time when I was in grade 9, and choosing a high school to study is really a difficult decision, Ams was a lofty goal I had never dreamt of. Despite that, during my last year in secondary school, I was very impressed and paid special attention to the teachers, Amsers, facilities and most of all, their extra-curricular activities!

Whenever I saw articles, or updates about Hanoi – Ams, I thrillingly clicked on those and wished to feel that exciting atmosphere and be part of Amsers’ family. Was it my motivation? That seemingly unattainable dream has been accomplished - I was a 10th grader at Hanoi – Amsterdam and I'm proud of it.


I’ve been studying here, experiencing all levels of emotions with my friends, dealing with numerous tests and overcoming many difficulties in studying for a year, but above all, I had a chance to express and be myself and to discover my hidden talents through a lot of useful activities from my school and even from students like me. I’m proud to be a small cog in a big wheel.

First of all, I have to mention a big and elaborate annual event – “Ngày hội anh tài”- NHAT (the Festival of the Gifted). When the school year merely started for about 1 or 2 weeks, our seniors welcomed us warmly and created an air of unity that is not easy to be found anywhere. Even more wonderful is the way they helped us prepare and join NHAT 11. For a lazy girl like me, that was the very first time I myself had come up with such a challenging idea and together with others, painted the tent and sold the food we had been cooking. It was also my first time to enjoy the exciting, crowding atmosphere engulfed with music and surprising talent shows made by Amsers I’d always dreamt about. In addition, an Amsterdam Ambassador would be nominated once the festival ended. In terms of the Ambassadors, they are brillantly talented and elegant. I remember my first NHAT - everyone was at school even after 11pm. And though representatives of our specialization didn't win any prizes, the night was extremely jubilant, almost perfect as I recall now.


My second impressive event was Ams’ Got Talent (AGT) – where your talents shine! This is the second chance for my class to unify to do something really meaningful. Although we didn't make it to the next round, I still remember the exhausting but joyful rehearsal we had, even the more withdrawn ones came alive with songs and dances they performed with great zest. But the most meaningful memories after all were our discussions about different ideas. People say you only hurt the one you love, therefore I think after those hard times, our class will love one another more. That our self-staging didn’t make it to the final round was because Amsers are so talented and awesome. And that made me change my mind about Amsers: They were not only intelligent and brilliant in terms of studying but also amazing and skillful when dancing, singing or doing magic tricks.


Besides, plenty of other interesting events took place as well such as Crazy Ideas on Valentine’s Day, Color of Roses on 8/3, Specialization Day, Festive Folklore Day, French Drama and so on. Among these days, MADE IN 12, the farewell show designated for seniors graduating soon, is coming. Seeing people prepare carefully for MADE IN 12, I suddenly feel how quick time flies. Every letter, photo on the Word-ranking Day recalls the memories during their 3 school-years and expresses their regret when there are only 50 days left… MI12 is the most meaningful event to grade 12 as it is their last time to be together and to review their most unforgettable moments as high schoolers. Definitely, MI12 always wants people to press button Pause to stop the time forever.


Every fun has its end. After these events, students quickly return to their main duty – studying. But that doesn’t make us passive, shy or stressed. With such a perfect environment, every small or big club in our school in all kinds of fields is still welcoming you and me. Singing, dancing, badminton, soccer, baseball, magic tricks and so on. Clubs always give us strange but interesting ideas like Glee Ams’ casting and activities, HMC’s lessons, HAT’s casting, GHA’s Green Ams Competition, A.S.S’ 1st meeting,… And recently, Journalism Club organized a picnic to connect its members.

 Till now, I’m sure that Ams completely changed both my personality and my perspective. From a shy and timid girl, I gradually mature when joining useful activities. Facing difficulties in high school helps me become stronger and more dynamic. I’m an Amser! And I love this new threshold – a wonderful thing that open my future way.

Author: Nguyen Anh Nhat (S 11-14)

Translator: Kieu Thuy An (A2 11-14)


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