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[Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10] Mrs. Le Thi Thuy – Computer Science and dreams

Post by: trangtrang | 30/10/2014 | 2647 reads

This is an article dedicated to the Computer Science teacher of 11 Literature, filled with our unspoken words to you. On the occasion of 20/10, I would like to express my thanks to you, as well as the staff of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Thank you, for helping us in this rough academic journey.

For  a social science student like me, Computer Science (CS) was a minor subject that, most of the time, did not  need to be cared about. We just sat at the back of the classroom and played with our cell phones in every CS class we attended. Software, programs and numbers didn’t seem to attract us. However, everything has changed since Ms. Thuy, a young and zealous teacher, came  to teach our class.

Ms. Thuy struck me as a very strict teacher. Right from the start, I was impressed by her brief - laconic method of teaching. It seemed in every period, we only needed to note down 3-4 sentences in our notebooks, yet those few sentences were enough to cover the whole lesson. She made dry formulas and programs simpler, easier to understand. In every lesson, we had the chance to express our ability, our knowledge to the fullest. CS became lovelier than ever; numbers and computer programs became dearer and more familiar. Now, CS always brings me comfort, as if I am playing a game, or solving a puzzle.


She always makes every day at school a fun day

She has taught me more than formulas and numbers. Her favorite quote is “Reach out for the sky, so that if you cannot become the sun, you can still become the stars”. She always teaches her students to try their best and learn from the smallest things. Everyone trying his best to contribute to the society the way those little silent stars do will eventually shine his brightest.

She taught us more than formulas and numbers

On the occasion of 20/10, I would like to express my profound gratitude to you. Thank you – for always bringing lessons to generations of students with passion and devotion. Thank you for having the patience to explain to us even the simplest of things. As your students, we cannot say for sure we will never make you sad, but we will try our best not to let you down, to become helpful individuals of the society and bright stars in the knowledge sky.

Author: HaMy (Literature 13-16)

Translator: Phuong Ha (English 1 13-16)

Tags: 20/10