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Post by: trangtrang | 03/12/2019 | 161 reads

For every student, Teachers’ Day (November 20th) is a special day when generations of students express their deepest appreciation for their teachers. On this day, generations of students usually gift their “second fathers and mothers” radiant bouquets of flowers, the sincerest of wishes and the genuine gratitude for their teachers’ devotion. Today, let’s interview Mr Nguyen Tien Tan - a Maths teacher at Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted to understand his thoughts and feelings on this traditional day for the teacher profession in Vietnam.

Reporter: Greetings Mr Tan. November 20th - the day to celebrate teachers - is coming soon. You are a former “Maths Amser” and you have also been teaching at the school for a quite long time, so I assume that every year’s Teachers’ Day, you always receive gifts from generations of students. So to you, what is your favourite gift? Can you tell me more about that particular memory?

Mr Tan: I have been teaching at Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted for some time, and for me, all the love and gifts that I receive from students are all very meaningful. However, I really treasure the cards that the students wrote for me. Years after years, I always keep the postcards that they wrote themselves. I think that the wishes and the feelings that they express in those cards all encompass immense amounts of love, and I really cherish that. Sometimes when I teach, I can feel down or dispirited, but then I read their handwritten lines and I feel really happy and contented again.

The cards Mr Tan received and kept

Reporter: Your students must have a lot of precious love and devotion for you. Why did you choose to pursue a teaching career? Who was your inspiration to take on the teacher profession?

Mr Tan: At the beginning, I had no intention of becoming a teacher. At first, I studied at Hanoi University of Science and Technology and during that period, I did private tutoring, and I began to nurture a passion for teaching from then on. I feel a sense of usefulness when doing this. When I was doing private tutoring, I could see my students improving; their test scores could go from 5-6 to 8-9, even 10. It was this feeling of usefulness that pushed me to pursue teaching. Although it took a lot of time and effort, I still kept on pursuing it as I felt glad that I could follow my passion. The person who had the biggest influence on me was Mr Mai Xuan Thang (currently Vice Head of the Maths - IT department at Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted). I like the easily understood teaching style of Mr Thang, so I always try to do the same thing for my students.

Reporter: I really admire your dedication for the teacher profession. Throughout your time teaching students, what do you take pride in the most of your current job?

Mr Tan: I’m proud because when I teach, my students can understand the knowledge, and when they take tests they can get high marks with their own capabilities. I’m proud because as of now, I still receive a large amount of love from students. Being a teacher, for me, is simply bringing wisdom to students and being respected and loved by them, and that’s enough!

Reporter: With your devotion to the service of “raising people”, you probably feel a certain amount of special love for your former mentors, right? So, during your student years, do you have any memorable moments with them on November 20th?

Mr Tan: I have plenty. Honestly, I think it doesn’t take the arrival of November 20th to express your gratitude and respect, but every November 20th, I remember my class making cards to give our teachers. Even now, I still try my best to visit my former teachers.

Cards made by Mr Tan’s class for November 20th

Mr Tan’s class visiting their former teachers

Reporter: Thank you so much for today’s interview. I would like to thank you for always helping and supporting us on our education journey, teaching us valuable knowledge and wisdom. On the occasion of the upcoming Teachers’ Day, I wish you long-lasting happiness, more and more love from students and more success in your profession!

Reporter: Nguyen Le Ha Chi - Geography 1922

Translator: Dinh Thu Ngan - English 1922