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Post by: trangtrang | 04/10/2019 | 209 reads

Following the plan of school year 2019 - 2020, being approved by Communist Party, school board, the Executive Committee of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School, the Teachers’ Communist Youth Union had solemnly organized the Congress of school year 2019-2021. The Congress was for evaluating, concluding the Union’s activities in the previous tenure, pointing out strengths, drawbacks, analyzing causes, achievements and remaining downsides, from which proposing direction, missions for the new tenure. Also, the Congress had elected the Executive Committee of 2019 - 2021.

At 14 o’clock, Wednesday, 2/10/2019, the Congress started. Attending the Congress of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School were Vice Principal Duong Tu Anh - a member of Communist Party; Mr Truong Nam Phuong - secretary of the school’s Union, Ms Phan Hong Anh - secretary of Teachers’ Communist Youth Union 2016 - 2019, together with members of the Union 2019 - 2020. 

 The Presidium running the Congress included 3 members:

1. Mr Truong Nam Phuong - chairman

2. Mrs Phan Hong Anh - member

3. Mrs Nguyen Thi Thom - member

 Presidium running the Congress

The Secretariat included 2 members:

1. Mrs Nguyen Thi Nhat - Member of History - Library team

2. Mrs Pham Phuong Linh - Member of Foreign Language team

In the last tenure, Communist Youth Committee’s activities and Youth Movement had always been closely led by Communist Party and the school board of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Attending and leading the Congress, Vice Principal Duong Tu Anh - a member of Communist Party, stating and running the Congress on behalf of Communist Party. As a leader who always cared about the school’s activities, as the previous generation of teachers who raised, kept and passed the traditional spirit of HN-Ams, Mrs Duong Tu Anh heartfully shared with young teachers in the Union: “We are proud to be teachers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. The precious present we have received from history is enthusiastic lessons from teachers; is valuable living and working styles; is kind, generous lifestyle. The young do not only receive that invaluable present but also maintain and pass it. The school’s future will be built by us - the young generation.”. She believed the young generation of teachers nowadays were able to expose to civilization, modernity and sufficiency more than before so they have many opportunities  to prove themselves; but they also had to face many challenges: “Our challenge is media effects on education, students, teachers, parents…”. Each member of the Union must “listen, demand, learn from predecessors”, always harmonizing code of behavior, teacher’s position and the art of behavior and communication. She expressed hope that the young members of Communist Youth Union will “maintain and build discipline, logical working styles by themselves, be flexible in behaving to achieve the best outcome in work; join hands in building a strong school”. 

On behalf of Communist Party and the School Board, Mrs Duong Tu Anh sent a beautiful bouquet to the Congress

Following the event, Mrs Phan Hong Anh – secretary of Teachers’ Communist Youth Union 2016 – 2019 read the summary report of 2016 – 2019 and working direction of 2019 – 2021 of the Union. In the recent year, the Executive Committee of Communist Youth Union had organized many activities which raised awareness of morality, lifestyle, cultural and sport-related activities. Activities that oriented, educated in political thoughts for members of Communist Youth Union had been conducted in various forms, which helped bringing plans, directions, policies and laws of the Government closer to members of the Union, strengthening revolutional ideal, affection and pride towards the country, awaring of appropriate, moral lifestyle – which suits the need of modern time. Besides, as led by the school board, teachers’ Communist Youth Union had successfully organized annual events such as: NHAT, Orientation Day, School Year Opening Ceremony, Teacher’s Day,..., managed and maintained effectively more than 40 clubs of the school. These were the perfect environment for members of Communist Youth Union to be main part of the activities, from which they could show their creativity and played a significant part in achievements and movements of the Union during 2016 – 2019.

However, there were still some drawbacks that had to be dealt with which was the fact that sometimes the Union’s activities were not practical and attractive to members or activities did not have distinctive characteristics of the Union, or some events were organized in holidays, at night,... so time arrangement and enthusiasm needed sacrifice and dedication.

Based on achievements and remaining drawbacks, the Executive Committee of teachers’ Communist Youth Union put forward the working direction for the next tenure, which emphasized an increase in helpful activities under the organisation and maintenance of the school’s Union, creating an active and comfortable environment for every member to internalize and show the best of themselves.

To put forward the direction, mission of the new shool year, the Congress had started discussing. Although Mrs Pham Ngoc Lan’s discourse about “Young teachers’ responsibilities in building the school”; Mrs Nguyen Thi Thom’s discourse about “The use of technology in keeping and managing documents of teachers” were short, these discourses were very practical and helpful for the growth of Communist Youth Union.

 Previously, the Executive Committee of teacher’s Communist Youth Union had tried their very best, successfully completed the given tasks. Mrs Phan Hong Anh – secretary of the Union from 2016 to 2019 announced the end of the tenure and read Plan for building the executive Committe of teacher’s Communist Youth Union 2016-2019 prepared to show the Congress.

Right afterwards was the election for the Executive Committee of teachers’ Communist Youth Union for the new tenure. The Congress had elected 9 members who were teachers, employees and parts of the Union with exceptional achievements and had actively participated in the Union’s activities to join in the Executive Committee 2019-2021. On behalf of of the Executive Committee 2019-2021, Mr Le Duc Anh stated: “We promise that we will try our best with the Union to practice and reach the goals of this tenure”.


The election of the Executive Committee of teachers’ Communist Youth Union 2019-2021

The Executive Committe of teachers’ Communist Youth Union 2016-2019 and 2019-2021 took photos.

The Congress ended at 15h40 of the same day.

Another Congress of the Union had been successfully organized, choosing the new Executive Committee as well as putting forward the working direction for the next tenure. We wish that the Executive Committee of 2019-2021 will successfully complete their mission!


Translator: Truong Hai Ha