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[Made in 12: “Ấn Hoa" 17-20] Red-Canvas Week: The uniqueness of Amser’s remarks

Post by: trangtrang | 02/06/2020 | 372 reads

The red-canvas photo has long become a "traditional specialty" for 12th grade high school students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. With students appearing in a striking white uniform on a red background combined with creative personal props, the red-canvas photo seems to be the pride of Amser for every generation as it captures best and most concisely the moments of Amser studying under the roof of Hanoi-Amsterdam.

The red-canvas photoshoot belongs to a series of pre-events of Made In 12 — an annual program organized for students in grade 12 to record the unforgettable memories of senior Amsers with teachers and friends. This year, even though Made In 12 takes place later than previous years, but for the Class of 17-20, the spirit of Hanoi - Amsterdam forever immortal, it is never "late" for a picture of the yearbook with their own personal branding. 

“An Hoa” — the theme that Class of 17-20 has chosen for its MI12, the name seems to be the accurate representative of every Amser from Class of 17-20: Each student is a beautiful flower, laying their marks on the flower garden of Hanoi-Ams. True to the theme name, the red-canvas week from May 18 to May 23 witnessed many moments where Amser shone. This year, the red-canvas photoshoot has the participation of the 12 grade homeroom teachers, the classes and students participating while ensuring the principles of protection from the pandemic. 

From self-prepared "props" to record high school milestones ...

To showcasing personalities

Amser has never been afraid to create a unique pose before the lens!

17-20 is probably a very special Class when they just went through a long historical vacation. Returning to school after almost 3 months of not seeing each other, every student seems to be trying to enjoy the last moments of school. Therefore, besides being an event with a personal impression, the red-canvas week also contributes to unite the solidarity of each class and each specialized major, giving Amser the opportunity to have more memorable memories with teachers and friends.

The most beautiful red-canvas photos of Amsers from Class 17-20 will be stored in their Yearbook. Hopefully within less than 2 months, 17-20 will create more and more unforgettable memories together!

Reporter: Tran Kieu Anh - History 1720

Translator: Dinh Khanh Linh - English 1 1821