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[Happy Vietnamese Teachers’ Day] The drafting of ideas and preparation for the 20th November Vietnam Teachers' Day from grade 10 students

Post by: trangtrang | 19/11/2017 | 2071 reads

In preparation for the  Anniversary of Vietnam’s Teachers' Day, students from Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted have come up with many ideas for the posters which convey their best wishes for their teachers . Let's follow the Ams Wide Web reporter team to see some unique "backstage" shots!

Our first stop was a science-based poster that captured our attention  with bright colors, lively and humorous sketches, unique images such as Newton, the red apple, ... reflecting  the spirit of a physics-specialized class. they conveyed the message "the apple never falls far from the tree" in the freshest and

The Unquestionable Creativity of Class 10 physics 2.

10 Mathematics 2 is not only knowledgeable about the equations, graphs and functions as we have imagined, but also very skillful and has great imagination. "The teacher is described as a ferryman, guiding the students through a vast galaxy of knowledge." This is the idea in which they used the mysterious cold shade along with glitter to express.

With the idea of reconstructing an article in an old newspaper sheet , 10 Russia has shown their creativity and the ability to mix harmoniously and delicately to send teachers the best wishes on Teacher's Day.

In the foreign language-specialized group, the students of the 10 Chinese used bright and eye-catching colors such as red, yellow to draw a Chinese-styled poster with symbolic images such as ink bottle, brushes, paper, ... Having seen the dedication and meticulousness of their work, we believe that the 10 Chinese’s poster will make the teachers feel moved and happ

Our first impression of the works of class 10 French 1 is the beautiful flowers and blue streams that lie between articles. Centered around  the topic of gratitude, the class’s poster also has many stories and poems which will likely move the teachers.

Next to 10 French 1 is  10 French  2 ,who told ​​the Ams Wide Web reporter that if the love of the teachers for them is sweet, then they want the posters to be decorated with cards featuring candy, pudding, ...

At another stop, we caught sight of the 10 History’s monitor meticulously writing each word on the poster. They didn’t  use many colors, but the s images of  smiling teachers in the poster are enough to make the finishing product of the class become eye-catching

"Instagram is where you post pictures of places, objects or people who have a special meaning in your daily life, and with this topic, we want to say that the teachers plays a great role in our lives”

Our short journey stopped by some corners during the preparation for the Hanoi Amsterdam High School’s teachers’ day ,where there is love and gratitude from the students class of 17-20. We believe that with our efforts, the posters will successfully send the teachers our best wishes and love!

Reporter: Thuy Duong – History 1720

Translator: Pham Van Khanh - English Class 1720