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GreenAms 6520 Robotics Team won the “Engineer Design Award’ in the 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition

Post by: trangtrang | 18/05/2021 |

On 15 May, the awaited 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition 2021 award ceremony in the Game Design category took place, marking a huge success for not only the GART 6520 team but also for the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School as a whole when the school’s selected team won the “Engineer Design Award”.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a playground for about 100,000 high schoolers around the globe with keen interests in robotics who are guided by experienced trainers. With a view to discovering novel, unique and game-changing designs, FRC not only challenges participating teams based on their acquired logical skills through a learning process but also their cooperating spirits, teamwork skills, negotiating skills, all of which are essential to secure the victory prize. Moreover, this is also an excellent opportunity for contestants to broaden their scientific-technological knowledge, boost their confidence and engage in exchanges with other international participants about robotics.

In this year’s online Game Design Challenge Awards, Vietnam’s representative GART 6520 team from Hanoi-Amsterdam High School overtook 30 teams in the same group stage including a Canadian team, a Polish team, a Mexican team, 27 American teams and won the Engineer Design Award with a design named “Park”. “Park” is a robot designed by Amsers over the course of 3 months using materials like plastic tubes, adhesive tapes and badminton rackets to generate more friction. With innovative ideas implemented into the design, the team was able to impress the judges by minimizing the robot’s mass, area and production costs.

The GART 6520 team and their design “Park”


The GART selected team preparing for the 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition
“We are coming across certain difficulties while under the influence of the pandemic since the team members cannot work together at the school lab. Instead, we had to walk more than 20km to the workshop and stay up until midnight to design our robot, which had a bad influence on not only the team’s work progress but the members’ spirits as well. However, thanks to the valuable, heart-warming advice and encouraging words from experts, mentors, parents, teachers and the team’s combined efforts, we managed to reach the finishing line” - said the GART team members. - “Our club’s primary mission has always been to further advance the STEM field in Vietnam and launch more new projects to bring young enthusiasts closer to the field of science and engineering along the way. Hopefully, this grand prize would serve as a springboard for us to conquer even more journeys in the future.”

The 2020-2021 school year team’s selected members and mentors

On behalf of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, the Ams Wide Web reporter team would like to extend their warmest congratulations to the GreenAms 6520 Robotics Team as well as the teachers in charge who were whole-hearted in their efforts and thus ultimately achieved satisfactory outcomes. May the team be able to maintain their impressive track record so as to advance further in the science and engineering field.

Reporter: Nguyen Thanh Nga - English 2 2023

Translator: Nguyen Duy Nhat Huy - English 2 2023