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[Ams’ Got Talent season 7] We are all made of stardust

Post by: trangtrang | 31/01/2015 | 5159 reads

On Thursday (14/1/2015) saw the long-awaited Finale of Ams’ Got Talent season 7 – the annual event hosted by students of class 11 English 1 in search of hidden talents in Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. The meaningful, creative and well-prepared performances were undoubtedly unequivocal evidence of Amsers’ talent, Amsers’ spirit.  And sure enough, they all brought the house down.

The Finale, which took place at the 700-seat auditorium, was bound to surround each and every audience with an emotional, artistic and passionate atmosphere. No longer did it seem a competition in which performers rivaled one another for the grand prize, but instead, a place to share passion and appreciate the beauty of art.

Let’s again take a look at the most extraordinary performances of this year’s Ams’ Got Talent:

Lego Cool’s exotic combination of piano, violin and beatbox marked the beginning of the show.


It seems Vortex has brought with them passion and sophistication every time on stage. Following the success of “This Way”, this time their “Story of the piano and the guitar” has touched the audiences’ heart with the smooth flow of music and the meaning underneath.


Vu Duc Viet silenced the auditorium with his melodious, high-toned voice in “Con Co” – an extremely complicated song, requiring vocal and expressive skills of the singer.


The only legerdemain performance of the show brought excitement and curiosity to the auditorium. The Illusionist sure made quite an impression on the audience as well as the judges.


Nguyen Phan Van Linh’s dance was held in high regard due to her lissome movements and the deep meaning of the dance. A lot of audiences were moved to tears by this performance.

This hilarious drama, “Puss In Boots”, filled the house with laughter. Each character left their own mark, and the props were indeed very well-prepared.




These four girls of Elamolosotite rocked the stage with an ebullient contemporary dance featuring audacious moves.


Ze Prozekt seemed to heat the house up with their addictive rock song.


Nguyen Huong Giang brought the house down with her lissome, elegant moves in the music of “Thinking Out Loud”. Through this performance, she also put across a message about the art of covering dances.



Loved by the audience since the first round, this time FCD continued to amaze everyone with a professional performance. Every detail was taken care of. Even the movement of the light was precise to the second.


The show rounded off with the martial art performance by H.A.M.A.C, depicting the epic battle of King Quang Trung against the Chinese invaders. This performance received a lot of praise from the judges and made a strong impression on the audience.

In order to host such a successful event, the organizers – students of class 11 English 1 – had to spend a lot of time and effort, taking care of even the smallest details. They played an important role in the success of each performance.

The results of the competition will be announced on the Aurora Prom night, taking place on 7/2/2015. Let’s all hold our breath and wait for the new champion!

Phuong Ha A1 13-16

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